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Russian Subway Performer or Kurt Cobain - Cool videos
Russian Subway Performer or Kurt Cobain

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Lion Attacks News Reporter on Live TV - Extreme videos

Lion Attacks News Reporter on Live TV

A French newswoman almost did her last report after this angry lion went for an attack.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 16.913
Rating: 2.58 - Rated 59 times - Added: 05/28/2009

100 MPH Motorcycle Accident - Extreme videos

100 MPH Motorcycle Accident

Watching it in first person makes it that much more crazy.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 9.686
Rating: 2.5 - Rated 6 times - Added: 05/28/2009

Rally Driver has a Close Call - Extreme videos

Rally Driver has a Close Call

This rally driver was lucky to walk away from this accident with his life! Watch the end of the clip to see what I mean.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 6.603
Rating: 4.27 - Rated 11 times - Added: 05/26/2009

Damien Walters Shows off Some Amazing Stunt Moves - Extreme videos

Damien Walters Shows off Some Amazing Stunt Moves

All I can say is: Awesome

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 20.778
Rating: 4.64 - Rated 146 times - Added: 05/26/2009

World Record Loop the Loop Car Stunt - Extreme videos

World Record Loop the Loop Car Stunt

This stunt driver sets a world record after taking his car through a massive loop-the-loop.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 5.459
Rating: 3.4 - Rated 15 times - Added: 05/25/2009

Maniac Crashes Through City Hall - Extreme videos

Maniac Crashes Through City Hall

Looks like this guy found the only spot near city hall where they weren`t ticketing.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 4.940
Rating: 2.69 - Rated 13 times - Added: 05/21/2009

Petrol Tanker Explodes - Extreme videos

Petrol Tanker Explodes

In Perth, Australia a petrol tanker exploded while it was decanting.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.056
Rating: 3.69 - Rated 13 times - Added: 05/20/2009

Giant Bungee Swing - Extreme videos

Giant Bungee Swing

Somewhere beside a waterfall, people are being scared witless as they jump (or pushed) off a cliff!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.724
Rating: 3.88 - Rated 8 times - Added: 05/18/2009

Amazing Ball Routine - Extreme videos

Amazing Ball Routine

This girl sure knows how to handle balls. Look at those skills. I`m in awe...

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 8.896
Rating: 4.36 - Rated 42 times - Added: 05/13/2009

Biker Hits A Mountain Pig - Extreme videos

Biker Hits A Mountain Pig

Thats not the first time a speeding bike has been stopped by a dirty, stinking, PIG.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 9.264
Rating: 1 - Rated 1 times - Added: 05/12/2009

Monster Truck Does A Badass Flip - Extreme videos

Monster Truck Does A Badass Flip

This guy one-ups Travis Pastrana and manages to land a monster truck back flip.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.491
Rating: 4.44 - Rated 9 times - Added: 05/12/2009

Yoga Ball Back Flip - Extreme videos

Yoga Ball Back Flip

Instead of face planting into the ground, this dude actually lands an incredible yoga ball trick flip.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 6.173
Rating: 4.57 - Rated 7 times - Added: 05/12/2009

Ghost Riding Doughnuts - Extreme videos

Ghost Riding Doughnuts

In addition to ghost riding, this stunt includes some hard core drifting. Not the best idea, but it does look awesome.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 10.480
Rating: 3.46 - Rated 24 times - Added: 05/07/2009

BMW Gets Blown Away - Extreme videos

BMW Gets Blown Away

A couple guys in a brand new BMW Z4 challenge a Volkswagen Golf to a race and get obliterated.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 12.883
Rating: 4.29 - Rated 28 times - Added: 05/07/2009

Parachute Trick Failure - Extreme videos

Parachute Trick Failure

OK, this would have been a sweet trick if he would have pulled it off without crashing. I guess he won`t be trying that again.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 4.605
Rating: 5 - Rated 3 times - Added: 05/05/2009

Scream of Death on Bungee Swing - Extreme videos

Scream of Death on Bungee Swing

Would you like a countdown? 3, 2-aaaaaaahhhhhh.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 6.514
Rating: 3.33 - Rated 6 times - Added: 05/04/2009

Jumpes Rope 6 Times - Extreme videos

Jumpes Rope 6 Times

I would not have believed it if I had not seen the super slow motion replay! This guy is super fast!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 4.839
Rating: 2.75 - Rated 4 times - Added: 05/04/2009

School Bus Dragster - Extreme videos

School Bus Dragster

Now here is one school bus that will never be late! This thing has some serious power!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 5.451
Rating: 4.5 - Rated 10 times - Added: 05/04/2009

Largest Model Rocket Ever - Extreme videos

Largest Model Rocket Ever

Now this is a serious toy. The only thing this rocket didn`t do was actually go into orbit.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.687
Rating: 4.18 - Rated 17 times - Added: 04/29/2009

Insane Snowboard Run - Extreme videos

Insane Snowboard Run

This snowboarder takes a helicopter to the top of one of the world`s steepest mountains and goes for the ride of his life...

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 5.012
Rating: 4.36 - Rated 11 times - Added: 04/20/2009

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