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How To Make Mountain Dew Glow

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The Badpiper Presents Thunderstruck - Cool videos

The Badpiper Presents Thunderstruck

Check out this impressive bagpipe cover of AC/DC`s famous song, `Thunderstruck`. There`s even flames in the performance!

Category: Cool videos - Views: 2.931
Rating: 4.83 - Rated 6 times - Added: 06/28/2013

Amazing Badminton Shot - Sport videos

Amazing Badminton Shot

It`s kind of hard to see, but after he dived and made a great play, he then raised his stick in the air while still lying on his stomach to block the next shot.

Category: Sport videos - Views: 2.866
Rating: 4 - Rated 3 times - Added: 02/25/2013

Cat Having a Bad Hair Day - Animal videos

Cat Having a Bad Hair Day

He can finally see his hair in the mirror. Just kidding, one day he may figure out who the cat in the mirror is, but not today.

Category: Animal videos - Views: 2.343
Rating: 5 - Rated 3 times - Added: 11/27/2012

Crowd Helps a Bad Team - Funny videos

Crowd Helps a Bad Team

After going scoreless for too many games, the crowd decided to help their team and show them where the goal is. I love how they run to the other side and change the direction of the arrows.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 3.386
Rating: 3 - Rated 2 times - Added: 08/20/2012

Impressive Badminton Rally - Sport videos

Impressive Badminton Rally

It`s almost scary how good they are at this sport.

Category: Sport videos - Views: 5.165
Rating: 4.8 - Rated 5 times - Added: 09/21/2011

Bad Takeoff for Helicopter - Stupid videos

Bad Takeoff for Helicopter

So has this pilot ever flown a helicopter before? It doesn`t seem like it.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 8.523
Rating: 3.25 - Rated 8 times - Added: 04/11/2011

Bad Parking Easily Solved With Fork Lift - Funny videos

Bad Parking Easily Solved With Fork Lift

This forklift driver doesn`t let a parked car get in his way!

Category: Funny videos - Views: 6.583
Rating: 3 - Rated 6 times - Added: 01/03/2011

Having A Bad Day - Stupid videos

Having A Bad Day

This is how to express yourself If you have.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 8.107
Rating: 2.5 - Rated 6 times - Added: 11/30/2010

Demolition of Chimney Gone Bad - Extreme videos

Demolition of Chimney Gone Bad

Whoever was in charge of this operation should have really put some more thought into it. Standing by those power lines was a real good idea...

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 6.526
Rating: 4.25 - Rated 4 times - Added: 11/12/2010

Bad Luck Behind a Truck - Stupid videos

Bad Luck Behind a Truck

Sometimes there is just no avoiding bad luck.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 8.317
Rating: 2.62 - Rated 8 times - Added: 10/26/2010

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard - Stupid videos

Girl Lands Bad On Skateboard

This girl bets she can jump both curbs and land back on the skateboard and technically I think she won the bet.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 4.873
Rating: 3.75 - Rated 4 times - Added: 10/22/2010

Bad Doggie at the Wedding - Funny videos

Bad Doggie at the Wedding

No, no - I mean good doggie, this was awesome.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 7.745
Rating: 2.54 - Rated 13 times - Added: 10/07/2010

Bad Place to Park a Car - Stupid videos

Bad Place to Park a Car

It may be secluded, but it`s still in the way.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 7.484
Rating: 3.4 - Rated 5 times - Added: 09/06/2010

Bad Electrical Fire - Other videos

Bad Electrical Fire

A burning building is bad enough but when it is an electrical fire that is even worse. I hope no one was hurt in this blaze.

Category: Other videos - Views: 5.665
Rating: 3.5 - Rated 2 times - Added: 05/31/2010

Tom Cruise Stunt Rehearsal Gone Bad - Funny videos

Tom Cruise Stunt Rehearsal Gone Bad

Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz Stunt Rehearsal Knight & Day.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 6.566
Rating: 3.3 - Rated 10 times - Added: 05/17/2010

News Reporter Having a Bad Day - Funny videos

News Reporter Having a Bad Day

This TV news anchor has a really bad day but she manages to keep her cool because she is still on the air.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 9.898
Rating: 3.6 - Rated 5 times - Added: 03/15/2010

Just Another Bad Day - Funny videos

Just Another Bad Day

It`s almost like they put that glass door there for this very reason! The coffee spill topped it all off.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 4.685
Rating: 4 - Rated 4 times - Added: 03/01/2010

Really Bad Parking Spot - Funny videos

Really Bad Parking Spot

This guy couldn`t have picked a worse place to park his car.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 6.867
Rating: 3 - Rated 8 times - Added: 01/12/2010

Hot Girl Back Flip Gone Bad - Stupid videos

Hot Girl Back Flip Gone Bad

For the disaster that was sure to ensue, she took it very casually. That couldn`t have felt good.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 13.733
Rating: 3.27 - Rated 26 times - Added: 01/05/2010

Most Badass Snowmobile - Extreme videos

Most Badass Snowmobile

Ken Blocks throws some snow tires onto his powerful Subaru Impreza.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 14.044
Rating: 4 - Rated 16 times - Added: 11/08/2009

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