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Girl Shows Off Incredible Soccer Skills - Cool videos

Girl Shows Off Incredible Soccer Skills

Freestyle soccer star Indi Cowie shows off some incredible skill while taking a shot at the crossbar challenge!

Category: Cool videos - Views: 18.043
Rating: 3.21 - Rated 47 times - Added: 07/09/2013

Ridiculous Bubble Soccer Game - Funny videos

Ridiculous Bubble Soccer Game

How awesome is this version of soccer? They pretty much combine the sport with bumper cars!

Category: Funny videos - Views: 12.045
Rating: 3.1 - Rated 31 times - Added: 07/04/2013

Future Soccer Player - Funny videos

Future Soccer Player

How cute is this? The infant son of Chelsea goalkeeper Ross Turnbull scores a goal in front of a cheering crowd at Stamford Bridge in London, England, after the last game of the season.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 2.908
Rating: 3.83 - Rated 6 times - Added: 05/22/2013

Motorized Wheelbarrow Picks Up Soccer Player - Funny videos

Motorized Wheelbarrow Picks Up Soccer Player

An injured soccer player gets picked up by a motorized wheelbarrow during a Romanian fourth division match between Timisul Urseni and SS Politehnica Timisoara. Now that`s just ridiculous!

Category: Funny videos - Views: 2.668
Rating: 3 - Rated 1 times - Added: 04/26/2013

Tornado Destroys Soccer Stadium - Extreme videos

Tornado Destroys Soccer Stadium

Incredible footage showing a tornado hitting Portugal`s popular holiday hotspot the Algarve and tearing through a soccer stadium.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 3.055
Rating: 3 - Rated 3 times - Added: 11/19/2012

Greatest Soccer Goal Ever - Sport videos

Greatest Soccer Goal Ever

The goalie would have been better off keeping far, far away.

Category: Sport videos - Views: 4.627
Rating: 3 - Rated 2 times - Added: 08/29/2012

Perfect Soccer Ball Timing - Stupid videos

Perfect Soccer Ball Timing

A bike rider finds out first hand that riding through someone`s ball path is a bad idea.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 3.524
Rating: 1 - Rated 2 times - Added: 07/04/2012

Soccer Security Guard Owned - Funny videos

Soccer Security Guard Owned

A soccer security guard looks away from the field just as a ball comes flying towards him.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 3.752
Rating: 0 - Rated 0 times - Added: 02/03/2012

Soccer Mom Absolutely Shredding on the Drums - Cool videos

Soccer Mom Absolutely Shredding on the Drums

She`s definitely one of the coolest moms out there! Check out the awesome drum skills she throws down.

Category: Cool videos - Views: 4.583
Rating: 4.43 - Rated 7 times - Added: 01/17/2012

Real Life Soccer Angry Birds - Sport videos

Real Life Soccer Angry Birds

UNC Asheville goalkeepers Lassi Hurskainen and Dan Jackson compete in this real life game of Angry Birds. They got some awesome skills!

Category: Sport videos - Views: 8.507
Rating: 4.54 - Rated 13 times - Added: 10/06/2011

Amazing Soccer Freestyle Skills - Extreme videos

Amazing Soccer Freestyle Skills

Anyone have any info on who this guy is? He shows off some pretty incredible soccer freestyle skills! Someone give him change!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.986
Rating: 3.69 - Rated 26 times - Added: 09/16/2011

Soccer Trick Fail - Funny videos

Soccer Trick Fail

Not all failed soccer ball kicks result in the game ending, but this one did.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 6.815
Rating: 4.88 - Rated 8 times - Added: 09/15/2011

Fancy Soccer Shot Fail - Stupid videos

Fancy Soccer Shot Fail

If he had made it, he would have been a hero. It`s a fine line between hero and jackass.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 7.170
Rating: 3.86 - Rated 7 times - Added: 07/29/2011

Soccer Goalkeeper Scores - Sport videos

Soccer Goalkeeper Scores

Check out San Jose Earthquakes goalkeeper David Bingham as he scores a goal... from his own end! This was during a recent friendly against English team West Brom.

Category: Sport videos - Views: 5.724
Rating: 3.83 - Rated 6 times - Added: 07/15/2011

Soccer Defender Fail - Stupid videos

Soccer Defender Fail

Time for 40 lashes with a wet noodle after this gaffe.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 7.126
Rating: 2 - Rated 1 times - Added: 04/21/2011

Girl Has Amazing Soccer Skills - Sport videos

Girl Has Amazing Soccer Skills

A woman in Tanzania shows off incredible technique and skills in this short clip. Must have taken a lot of practice to master those tricks!

Category: Sport videos - Views: 8.736
Rating: 4.05 - Rated 22 times - Added: 03/28/2011

Soccer Influenced Basketball Dunk - Cool videos

Soccer Influenced Basketball Dunk

This is when Lionel Messi meets LeBron James! The NBA dunk competition needs more original dunks like that!

Category: Cool videos - Views: 6.850
Rating: 4.33 - Rated 9 times - Added: 03/21/2011

Soccer Player Hits Himself - Stupid videos

Soccer Player Hits Himself

One day, soccer players will realize that they’re being filmed and cameras don’t lie.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 12.542
Rating: 3.92 - Rated 12 times - Added: 02/23/2011

Amazing Soccer Goal - Sport videos

Amazing Soccer Goal

A Belgian soccer play sets up his own bicycle kick and executes it in the snow!

Category: Sport videos - Views: 9.408
Rating: 3.71 - Rated 14 times - Added: 12/29/2010

Worst Soccer Team On Earth - Funny videos

Worst Soccer Team On Earth

A Greek second division demonstrates their skill... or lack of!

Category: Funny videos - Views: 7.123
Rating: 4.08 - Rated 12 times - Added: 12/24/2010

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