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Greatest Skiing Wipeout Yet - Funny videos

Greatest Skiing Wipeout Yet

There is something twisted yet comical about this.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 2.906
Rating: 5 - Rated 1 times - Added: 04/09/2013

Graceful Ski Wipeout - Funny videos

Graceful Ski Wipeout

At first I thought he was trying some ballet.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 2.937
Rating: 4.33 - Rated 3 times - Added: 02/06/2013

Two Douchebag Bikers Wipeout - Stupid videos

Two Douchebag Bikers Wipeout

Should have invested in some riding lessions!

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 4.418
Rating: 4 - Rated 1 times - Added: 10/10/2012

Close Longboarding Wipeout - Extreme videos

Close Longboarding Wipeout

A longboarder is making his way down a nice hill until he gets a little wobbly.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 3.525
Rating: 0 - Rated 0 times - Added: 12/27/2011

Longboard Chain Wipeout - Funny videos

Longboard Chain Wipeout

They don`t go down like dominoes. This is more like bowling pins.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 7.049
Rating: 4 - Rated 3 times - Added: 08/11/2011

Windsurfing Wipeout - Extreme videos

Windsurfing Wipeout

Windsurfer Boujmaa Guilloul landed hard on the water after attempting to pull a triple loop.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.847
Rating: 1.5 - Rated 2 times - Added: 05/03/2011

Soap Box Derby Wipeout - Extreme videos

Soap Box Derby Wipeout

Looks like he really underestimated that turn! At least he got back up in no time after a tough crash like that.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 6.523
Rating: 3.5 - Rated 2 times - Added: 04/27/2011

Dancing Girl In Kitchen Wipeout - Funny videos

Dancing Girl In Kitchen Wipeout

Well, at least she was in the kitchen.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 12.064
Rating: 2.86 - Rated 21 times - Added: 01/27/2011

Water Park Ride Wipeout - Funny videos

Water Park Ride Wipeout

Surfs up dude! Or not...

Category: Funny videos - Views: 11.134
Rating: 2.44 - Rated 9 times - Added: 12/02/2010

Insane Rally Car Wipeout - Extreme videos

Insane Rally Car Wipeout

A rally car crashes and spins out of control. The driver must have been dizzy after that!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 9.749
Rating: 3.88 - Rated 16 times - Added: 04/13/2009

NBA Mascot Half Court Shot Wipeout - Funny videos

NBA Mascot Half Court Shot Wipeout

A NBA mascot tosses a halfcourt shot off another mascot, who unfortunately, paid the price during the 2009 All Star weekend.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 8.992
Rating: 5 - Rated 3 times - Added: 02/23/2009

Double Drift Wipeout - Extreme videos

Double Drift Wipeout

This hard hitting crash would be the equivalent of stepping on your dance partners toes.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 9.599
Rating: 2.62 - Rated 13 times - Added: 12/30/2008

Cafeteria Wipeout - Funny videos

Cafeteria Wipeout

You may love that school, but evidently the school doesn`t love you back.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 11.282
Rating: 3.54 - Rated 13 times - Added: 09/01/2008

Hurricane Fay Tube Wipeout - Extreme videos

Hurricane Fay Tube Wipeout

A couple guys from Florida use the flooded streets in their hometown for some tubing.

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 10.479
Rating: 3.67 - Rated 12 times - Added: 08/25/2008

Car Wash Wipeout - Stupid videos

Car Wash Wipeout

Hopefully there`s a good body shop right around the corner.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 8.419
Rating: 3.33 - Rated 3 times - Added: 08/21/2008

School Saran Wrap Race Wipeout - Funny videos

School Saran Wrap Race Wipeout

Evidently they don`t teach balance in school.

Category: Funny videos - Views: 7.028
Rating: 3 - Rated 3 times - Added: 06/17/2008

Hilarious Segway Wipeout - Stupid videos

Hilarious Segway Wipeout

This kid somehow manages to jump his Segway straight over a car! Just kidding, he just wipes out hard.

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 10.896
Rating: 2.8 - Rated 5 times - Added: 06/03/2008

Motorcycle Stunt Wipeout - Stupid videos

Motorcycle Stunt Wipeout

This idiot attempts and fails a bike stunt on a busy highway. The seat was made for sitting, buddy!

Category: Stupid videos - Views: 13.309
Rating: 2.87 - Rated 15 times - Added: 02/25/2008

Segway Wipeout - Funny videos

Segway Wipeout

This kid rides his segway through his house, and of course he crashes it

Category: Funny videos - Views: 7.617
Rating: 3 - Rated 8 times - Added: 01/17/2008

Wheelie Wipeout - Extreme videos

Wheelie Wipeout

The camera was rolling when this guy tried to do a motorcycle trick. It did not work out too well for him but at least he was able to walk away from it!

Category: Extreme videos - Views: 7.935
Rating: 3 - Rated 6 times - Added: 12/18/2007

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